New tutorial : smooth icon

I just finished a new tutorial on how to create a windows icon. I've seen many software tools to create and handle with these icons, and only few of them really did the job well. In this tutorial you can follow step by step the guide to create a decent icon that will give your cd-rom/application the look it deserves.

This is an example of a bad icon :

bad icon

This is the icon we're going to create :

windows icon

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Olympic Games London 12 Logo reveiled…

Jeij. *EURN* This is it :
london2012"We've had a huge reaction to the launch of the new logo - most of it negative"
-Interactive Olympics editor Claire Stocks

"When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life"
-Tony Blair

Whotevva. They payed over 190 000€ for this lil piece of art (?!) made in 1,5h with photoshop with an extra ugly free bonus font on top. It looks like a window I recently kicked a ball through :p And if you really look close, you can see Vicky Pollard in there as well. Seriously... wtf.

Iconologic did a waaaaaay better job on the wintergames in 2006, Torino, Italy.

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FlashPlayer 9 Beta Update

There's a new release of the FlashPlayer 9. Apparently there is multi-threaded vector rendering, bitmap rendering and video decoding. Some fullscreen video bugs have been solved, view the complete list here.

"Going into full screen mode has a zoom transition effect. The beta does not work perfectly right now, but we want to get feedback if this is acceptable to end users. We will not expose an API to access/control this, either we'll leave it in and fix the remaining bugs or it is out. Also you might notice that this even affects the current full screen mode, something we will remove in the final release."

If you want to test, just get it at : Just keep in mind that it's a bèta version.

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Wrigley’s Ad


Commercial for Wrigley's Chewing Gum. Nice integration of 3D characters...

See how it was made : 

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I didn’t do it…

santy graffiti milan, italy

(picture was taken in Milan, Italy, of anybody know what "Santy" means in Italian, please tell!).


Ploem is born…


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