Search for Jesus on Twitter via Atom Feed

Some little wtf-project, making use of the twitter search API and reading & parsing an Atom Feed into Flash (or Flex) (Actionscript3).

The results are sometimes fun to read, here are some tweets that passed in just a couple of minutes:

"Jesus, what's wrong with you?"
"Jesus had weed carriers -- they were called disciples back then ROFL"
"Jesus dude, hope youre doing fine"
"Jesus Christ. That four hour nap at 6 pm was not a good thing"
"I bet Jesus is Tupac's nigga. Bet he got to Heaven and was all like, "Whaddup my nigga!?" And Jesus was like, "Whaddup my nigga!!"

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Olympic Games London 12 Logo reveiled…

Jeij. *EURN* This is it :
london2012"We've had a huge reaction to the launch of the new logo - most of it negative"
-Interactive Olympics editor Claire Stocks

"When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life"
-Tony Blair

Whotevva. They payed over 190 000€ for this lil piece of art (?!) made in 1,5h with photoshop with an extra ugly free bonus font on top. It looks like a window I recently kicked a ball through :p And if you really look close, you can see Vicky Pollard in there as well. Seriously... wtf.

Iconologic did a waaaaaay better job on the wintergames in 2006, Torino, Italy.

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