The road ahead…

2008 is dead. Finished. It's over. Good year after all. A few old loves slightly disappeared and created some space for new ideas and insights. I couldn't be more happy with the choices I made. My head is idea-floating-pool for 24/7 and a few ideas are coming close to realisations but more about that in 2009 for sure. Happy new year to all of you - may it be the start of an adventureous journey! I really got inspired by more then a few people, twits, talks and books, but here is my 2008 top 3:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk (link)
No BS, just do it!

2. Eckhart Tolle - The power of now (book)
Leave your ego behind.

3. Tim Ferris (eg link book)
Fear is your friend!

Professionally 2008 wasn't easy, we got the company split up (indiegroup-televic education), the moving to Marke and the merging with Televic and it took quite a while before some pieces started to fall into the right places. I am now settled at our new office - I have a large desk which I love :p and a 5 minute drive to work (it used to be 8 so one more step and my office will be my home :p).

We created some cool interactive white board/smartboard projects in 2008 with the first digital atlas application ( and an online creator/offline player for digital books which will be released somewhere around the end of January. There are certainly needs for more interactive whiteboard software as the schools/universities are really buying the boards now and starting experimenting with it. 2009 looks promising with some new technologies to explore (eg mobile) and a new version of our online Edumatic authoring tool. Hopefully we can stay together as a team in 2009 and continue to develop some kick ass educational software for everyone who needs it. Let's rock!

(On a personal note I moved in with my g/f and we are now enjoying the benefits of our own space and time. I started taking cooking lessons with a few friends and tested my skills on colleagues and family with success. 2009 is going to be a big family-year cause my sister is getting married in April and my older brother's and g/f are having their first baby -if everything goes the way it's planned- in May and me - yes I am already saving - gets to be the godfather! woohoow!)

(PS. 2008 was also very twittery - follow me)


Screencast Atlas project (Flash/AS3)

I made a screencast of a new project we've done at Televic Education (together with Indie Group).  It's built with flash and written in AS3, we also used AMF remoting for communication. It's an online project where you can load maps that consist of different themes and layers that you can hide/show. It's built to use on smartboards and interactive whiteboards, but you can just use it online as well. It's built for 2 educational publishers Plantyn Belgium and Wolters Noordhoff (The Netherlands).

View the screencast here

-This is my first screencast (after 23 attempts, I got one that I think is pretty much ok, still need to work on my articulation though ;) -