The road ahead…

2008 is dead. Finished. It's over. Good year after all. A few old loves slightly disappeared and created some space for new ideas and insights. I couldn't be more happy with the choices I made. My head is idea-floating-pool for 24/7 and a few ideas are coming close to realisations but more about that in 2009 for sure. Happy new year to all of you - may it be the start of an adventureous journey! I really got inspired by more then a few people, twits, talks and books, but here is my 2008 top 3:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk (link)
No BS, just do it!

2. Eckhart Tolle - The power of now (book)
Leave your ego behind.

3. Tim Ferris (eg link book)
Fear is your friend!

Professionally 2008 wasn't easy, we got the company split up (indiegroup-televic education), the moving to Marke and the merging with Televic and it took quite a while before some pieces started to fall into the right places. I am now settled at our new office - I have a large desk which I love :p and a 5 minute drive to work (it used to be 8 so one more step and my office will be my home :p).

We created some cool interactive white board/smartboard projects in 2008 with the first digital atlas application ( and an online creator/offline player for digital books which will be released somewhere around the end of January. There are certainly needs for more interactive whiteboard software as the schools/universities are really buying the boards now and starting experimenting with it. 2009 looks promising with some new technologies to explore (eg mobile) and a new version of our online Edumatic authoring tool. Hopefully we can stay together as a team in 2009 and continue to develop some kick ass educational software for everyone who needs it. Let's rock!

(On a personal note I moved in with my g/f and we are now enjoying the benefits of our own space and time. I started taking cooking lessons with a few friends and tested my skills on colleagues and family with success. 2009 is going to be a big family-year cause my sister is getting married in April and my older brother's and g/f are having their first baby -if everything goes the way it's planned- in May and me - yes I am already saving - gets to be the godfather! woohoow!)

(PS. 2008 was also very twittery - follow me)


Developing KISS principles – intro

With over 2 years of developing software for both Indie Group and Televic Education one of the biggest problems we've always encountered was keeping a product/project simple. First of maybe you are familiar with the term KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid! I always say: Keep It Super Simple! I picked up this term up for the first time when a basketball coach said to me I had to keep everything I did on the court Super Simple when he thought I forced things too much. In the next few posts I’m going to explain a few KISS principles that can help with developing and maintaining an online software product/project. Anyway these posts are meant to open up the discussion, I don't want to state the perfect way to optimize an online software product, I'm just saying there _is_ a cure for the "complexitis" disease like I like to call it.
“Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability" -Dijkstra